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Ronco Picnic

  The challenge Ronco, a brand traditionally known for its variety of pasta, sought to diversify their portfolio to manufacture and instant [...]

Chivas home party

  The challenge The cost of Whisky at nightclubs in Venezuela has currently turned extravagantly high. This condition, alongside crime [...]

Truvía Land

  The challenge Carry out the launching of the non chemical zero calorie sweetener Truvía, to amiably communicate that it is actually 100% [...]

Florida Blue food truck

  The challenge We targeted a sparse uninsured audience in the state of Florida: the Hispanic and African-American communities. With the [...]

Energizer Night Race

  The challenge Create and produce an activation that glorifies Energizer as an essential and very useful tool, by interacting with a large [...]

Schick Barbershop

  We executed a practical, mobile shaving station. By receiving a clean shave by a professional with a Schick razor, attendees could [...]

Lilly Activation

  We set up a stand in the additional expansion of the San Ignacio shopping center, which is a very important location in Caracas. Here, we [...]

Mercedes Benz Corporate Run

  This run brought together thousands of enthusiastic participants who took part in such an emotional event. Being one of the largest 5K [...]

Bakery Master 2014

  The Eighth Annual Competition of Bakeries in Venezuela. The event was hosted by Claudio Nazoa, a comedian and expert baker. The [...]

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