Kellogg’s Bus of Happiness

  The challenge The people on the outskirts of Caracas need to rise very early every day to arrive on time to work, reason why they often sacrifice something as important as breakfast. How [...]

Ronco Picnic

  The challenge Ronco, a brand traditionally known for its variety of pasta, sought to diversify their portfolio to manufacture and instant pasta sauces. In order to communicate its [...]

Truvía Land

  The challenge Carry out the launching of the non chemical zero calorie sweetener Truvía, to amiably communicate that it is actually 100% natural; a solid differential advantage. The idea [...]

Florida Blue food truck

  The challenge We targeted a sparse uninsured audience in the state of Florida: the Hispanic and African-American communities. With the advent of the so-called “ObamaCare” in the US, the [...]

Schick Barbershop

  We executed a practical, mobile shaving station. By receiving a clean shave by a professional with a Schick razor, attendees could experience first hand the benefits of the razor. They [...]

Lilly Activation

  We set up a stand in the additional expansion of the San Ignacio shopping center, which is a very important location in Caracas. Here, we communicated both the features and benefits of [...]