The challenge

We targeted a sparse uninsured audience in the state of Florida: the Hispanic and African-American communities. With the advent of the so-called “ObamaCare” in the US, the use of medical insurance became mandatory. Therefore, Florida Blue needed to create a reaching and awareness strategy, by generating a fast, simple and easily replicable experience in different locations, to demonstrate the advantages, strengths and friendliness of their products and services.

The idea

We conceptualised a campaign called: “Here for you” with which we created an emotional bond that brought us closer to our target. Inspired by the trend of food trucks in North America, we brought the African-American and Latino communities in Florida, an experience in which they could feel welcomed by the insurance company that really was “there and for them” in a very friendly way.

With a fleet of vehicles ranging from Food trucks to Snack Trucks, we generated and shared healthy snacks, recipes and samples via collaborating with chefs who spread the key message of the brand. The campaign has many extensions and was replicated in many different disruptive locations across Florida. Grassroots events large and small, classic college football matches, Professional sports team fan fest events, music festivals and many more were activated to surprise, engage and create brand awareness reminding consumers of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, in general, the importance of being insured.

The result

Thanks to the friendly nature of these experiences, we were able to obtain high volume of meaningful leads and consumer insights for the brand. More significantly, we reached the hearts of the members of those communities, by carrying out this creative, simple and low budget activation.