The challenge

The cost of Whisky at nightclubs in Venezuela has currently turned extravagantly high. This condition, alongside crime rates, make the target prefer to have a drink among friends at their place, with the “tranquility” of home, and at a lower price.

Therefore, Chivas needed to come up with a strategy addressed this group of consumers, and turn into the ideal whiskey to be enjoyed at home in the company of friends, and not only a nightclub, a bar or restaurant.

The idea

We launched a teaser campaign in traditional media channels, announcing something -very natural- was arriving to the country, as a preamble to the product’s official launching.

We gathered brand’s potential customers, sales forces, media and opinion leaders, and in-house staff to take them into the sweet and natural land of TRUVÍALAND. We recreated the Paraguayan jungle and the Iguazú Falls in one location, and gave them a taste of the naturalness of the product and its origins through a multi-sensorial experience full of happenings that worsened the 5 senses.

The result

Up to 15 Chivas Home Parties were produced on the same day, 6 days a week for 2 years. Certain other products of Pernod Ricard portfolio were involved for key tastings, and also to meet the consumers demands.

This dynamic won as performing brand activation with high level of impact, allowing Chivas to position itself in this market, and create an important bond of loyalty with consumers. The project generated more than 150 direct jobs, and due its success, was replicated in Colombia.