The challenge

Ronco, a brand traditionally known for its variety of pasta, sought to diversify their portfolio to manufacture and instant pasta sauces.

In order to communicate its attributes, practicality and excellent quality, the brand required to run an experiential activity intended for the media, cooking experts, and strategy and business sources, in which they could interact positively with their products, promote their use and communicate the importance family union.

The idea

We conducted a massive Ronco Picnic outdoors, calling on media, key sources and opinion leaders and their families, in which they could interact with all the products in the making of Ronco lasagne, including the new sauces and their instant pastas. Through simple steps, brand staff demonstrated in a very didactic and fun way the practicality and quality of products.

The result

A major media group was convinced on how easy and enjoyable it is to prepare a dish with Ronco, by interacting directly with the products in a family environment. The event won positive opinions, subsequently portrayed with conviction in the media.