The challenge

Carry out the launching of the non chemical zero calorie sweetener Truvia, to amiably communicate that it is actually 100% natural; a solid differential advantage.

The idea

We launched a teaser campaign in traditional media channels, announcing something -very natural- was arriving to the country, as a preamble to the product’s official launching.

We gathered brand’s potential customers, sales forces, media and opinion leaders, and in-house staff to take them into the sweet and natural land of TRUVIA LAND. We recreated the Paraguayan jungle and the Iguazú Falls in one location, and gave them a taste of the naturalness of the product and its origins through a multi-sensorial experience full of happenings that worsened the 5 senses.

The result

One location with a single assembly and five successful launching events -inspired on the same script and agenda- which held unique brand interactions and tastings based on the product’s ​​original sphere: mother nature; the product was established as the natural sweetener for excellence in the country.